The Sorting Hat of Harry Potter and Myers-Briggs Personality Typology

MB personality type and Jungian functions matched up with Hogwarts houses

My secondary is the one I always manage to get sorted in
And I’m totally chill with that


See this? This is mine now, bitch.

Nobody even cares what’s happening in Mexico.


We are missing 43 students. They were taken away by police officers. They were most likely tortured and probably murdered like the 6 kids they left behind.
Mexico is weeping blood.
We need people from all over the world to help us ask our government to stop the violence. We need help.
Please help:

Vivos se los llevaron. Vivos los queremos. (They took them alive. Alive we want them)



Why Wayne got socks in the jacuzzi

those are his hooves you bitch



Why Wayne got socks in the jacuzzi

those are his hooves you bitch


"people shouldn’t make ireland ocs redheads that’s a stereotype"

Congratulations you missed the entire point of Hetalia

Bamboo blog update: 28.9.2014 [translation]


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What occasion could it be?


The second one from top is without a doubt a tsundere. Third one has the most cunning aura.


Probably an idiot.


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lil fem!mexico oc rant/suggestions

Ooooooooooookay, I see how it is Hetalia Fandom.

So really awful Self Insert OC Fem!Mexico’s get praised for AmericaXMexico drawings/writings and can be offense but

when their is a decent male mexico OC they get bashed over dumb shit like their chin???

ugh their is so many fem!oc’s that I don’t like but the some of the mexico one’s win the prize.

I’m not trying to target any in particular but can they be less centered around america/love???

I love it when artists draw their oc in traditional/army clothing and it looks really cool!!

And please for the love of god draw/write about your mexico interacting with other countries other than america. mexico has other neighbors/allies too, y’know?

How about writing about their cultures instead of them fucking every male character in hetalia?? (Oh, and another note, i saw one where the person wrote they hated boyXboy pairings, especially americaXmale!mexico but drew/wrote their fem!mexico having sex with america??? homophobic much??)

I love it when people draw their fem!oc with different hairstlyes then the other ocs and skin color and hair color but the majority ones that i’ve seen look like they were drawn by the same person??? 

Mexico is a diverse country! I’ve seen male!mexico ocs bashed for being to “white” and i’ve NEVER seen a female oc being bashed for this.

idk these are suggestions and i find it sad that people like realy bad written ones just cause someone else does…

i could write more but meh this is already long enough

29,409 plays

run - daughter

&    i   won’t   tell   my   mother.
it’s   better   she   don’t   know
and   he  won’t  tell  his   folks,
'cause they're already ghosts.
so we’ll just  keep each other,
as safe as we can.